कृषि महाविद्यालय, उस्मानाबाद - ४१३ ५०१(महाराष्ट्र)

College Of Agriculture, Osmanabad - 413 501 (Maharashtra)


Osmanabad is one of the eight districts of Marathwada having population nearly 0.16 crore, out of which 80 percent population resides in rural area. The percentage of literacy in Osmanabad district is 76.33 per cent, whereas rural literacy rate is 51.23% and urban literacy rate is 71.06%. As the literacy is less than surrounding districts, it is declared as a backward district by State Government. Many international organizations are attempting to help the rural families in increasing their agricultural output. The economy of district is mostly dependent on development of agriculture.

Osmanabad district lies in the southern part of State and includes eighttalukas viz., Tuljapur, Bhoom, Paranda, Omerga, Kallam, Washi, Lohara and Osmanabad. The elevation of district is 600 m above sea level. The district is located on east side of Marathwada region within North latitude 170.35 to 180.40 N and East latitude 750.16 to 760.40 E . The area of district is 7569 sq. km out of which 241.4 sq km is urban area (3.21 % of total area) and 7327.0 sq km is rural area (96.79 % of total area). Both Kharif and Rabi crops are taken in the district. Main crops are Soybean, Red gram, Sugarcane, Grape,Gram, Rabi Sorghum, Wheat etc.The University headquarters are located at Parbhani. 210 km to the north of Osmanabad.

College of Agriculture, Osmanabad was established with the primary objective of providing higher educational opportunities to the students aspiring agricultural education.This being a constituent College of VasantraoNaikMarathwadaKrishiVidyapeeth, Parbhaniis striving to aid, impart and coordinate agricultural education to develop quality human resource in the rural area. As such it is catering the need of Agricultural Education of the young graduating student across Maharashtra and other states. The university has provided comprehensive facilities to the college in terms of institutional support, highly qualified academic, technical and supporting staff, buildings, laboratories, farm, farm facilities and financial support. The college is situated at the outskirt of district head quarter near the airport and supported by state infrastructure, providing the right environment for learning. Since its inception, the college has aimed at imparting quality education to rural students from economically and socially depressed classes, and providing value based education to ignite young minds to become responsible agrocrats. The institution believes that education is the most important element for growth and prosperity of a nation. The college through its journey has progressed on various fronts in a systematic manner. There has been immense improvement in the college infrastructure, in adoption of better teaching-learning processes and involvement of the faculty in education and extension. Emphasis is laid on the overall development of students and various steps have been taken to give the community a global edge. This includes balancing academic and co-curricular activities and offering various opportunities to students for molding their personality. The college gives importance to gender equity and insists on representation of women at various levels. The college has been made proud by various achievements of the students who have successfully landed with good jobs.

Established 2000 Vide Gr No. Mkv2000/Cr/36/20a Dated 16/08/2000


  • To Provide Higher Agriculture Education.
  • To Fulfill The Regional Demand Of Agriculture Graduates.
  • To Make Available Agri. Technocrats For Regional Agricultural Development.
  • To Train The Rural Youths And Encourage Self Employment.
  • To Disseminate Agricultural Technology.


  • To Generate Skilled Human Resource For Agriculture Development.
  • To Conduct Fundamental Scientific Research And To Develop Applications Of Agriculture.
  • To Encourage And Develop Self-Confidence And Technical Skill In Today’s Student To Start And Initiate Self Employment In Agriculture.
  • To Develop Advance Agriculture Technology For Increasing The Livelihood Of Poorest Farmers In The Region.
  • To Provide Technical Advice And Guidance To The Rural Community In The Region.

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